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  1. Fluent Expression and Compelling Communication

10-session packages

one to one sessions

3 modules per session

zoom follow up sessions each week

Sessions Content

40 min

Basic Package

Eloquence x Confidence

These exercises are designed to help you improve your ability to deliver clear and meaningful messages. They also include activities that involve using a camera to prepare you for communicating effectively on social media.

20 min

Basic Package

Writing Skills Development

In this module, we will learn about writing techniques and structures through discussions and examples. During our sessions, we will do some short exercises together, but most of the writing practice will be done independently at home.

30 min

Premium Package

Critical Thinking Skills Development

Through engaging discussions and interactive exercises, participants will learn how to analyze information critically, make well-reasoned decisions, and solve problems effectively.



Elite Package

Weekly Follow Up Session on Zoom

To help you stay mentally engaged and remember the information and skills learned in our in-person sessions, we will have short Zoom sessions for review and memory refreshment.